2014: Emerging Issues in Media and Communication

“Really enjoyed the tutes – much more than a lot of other classes in the past. I like your teaching method in that discussion is encouraged, especially when we hear from everyone in the class.  Relaxed, friendly environment, so thank you.”

“I liked the structured lessons where we can work together and share thoughts to get a better overall understanding of the subjects covered, the positive and encouraging environment, and gathering and discussing ideas for our blogs.  I also liked working on the readings each week, which actually forced me to read them.”

“Really enjoyed how prepared you were and how you filled the time well.  I liked how you prepared lots of discussion questions and asked us to work in small groups/as individuals and as a whole group.”

“Annalise represents everything an academic should: she is intelligent without being pretentious or condescending, she is confident, humble, articulate and has an incredibly rounded view of the world”.


2013: Emerging Issues in Media and Communication


“In tutorials you encouraged participation and a range of views, but managed to keep us on track still!  You made sure we answered tutorial questions and were thoroughly prepared, but we were still engaged and had fun.  Responded to assignment queries quickly and gave fantastic feedback and guidance for future work.  Did wonders for my blog writing confidence”.


“Great teaching style.  I always felt very comfortable putting arguments forward.  Detailed feedback was awesome, you know where you stand and exactly how you can improve work.  You were a fun teacher and really helped me think about different issues.  Good splitting us into small groups then opening it up to wider discussion”.


“Content was made interesting and engaging each week, you were always enthusiastic and bubbly.  You listened and took on board everyone’s comments and opinions.  You fostered a lovely class environment and as a whole made it easy to be engaged and look forward to class each week.  Very prompt response to emails”.


“Open, approachable teacher who leads good discussions and group work. Excellent teacher which makes the subject more enjoyable and less stressful when you have someone teaching you who is approachable”.


“Her passion to get out of our class the answers is wonderful.  Her teaching style is strong and confident and I would encourage other students to take her tutorials.  Well organised classes make for a better learning environment.  This is what she provides.  Availability via email or consulting times are welcome and always helpful.”


2010: Narrating Contemporary Australia


“This teacher is amazingly effervescent and luminescent; she’ll walk into a room beaming – this makes for effective learning, because without enthusiasm and zeal on the teacher’s behalf, the students will eventually, and tragically, stagnate.  A student is in constant need of encouragement and Annalise has never failed to push her students along with a skip in her step and a smile on her face.  She has been a welcome refreshment … I am grateful for her passion”.


“Annalise encourages students to engage with the texts as well as other students, where new insights are made and other people’s opinions are stated.  She has an enthusiastic approach, where I am not scared of asking questions, and am able to interact with other students”.


“ … she gets everyone involved and thinking.  She has made me become more interested in literature and has rekindled for me a love of reading”.