“I have worked with Annalise Friend in a range of capacities: in teaching teams, on research projects, and as a member of the supervisory team for her PhD thesis. We worked most closely on a research project for which Annalise was RA and I was CI, in 2011-2012, and consequently it is that experience which I draw on here.

We had a funded project to address ideas around how music as a conversational topic is drawn on by interlocutors to do talk around other sorts of ideas, like identity, or the ethics and issues of creative (and often unpaid) labour, or the authenticity of place for particular genres. I sought out Annalise for the role, knowing she would bring an excellent skill set and approach to the project. We presented this research together at an international conference in 2012.

Annalise did all of the administrative work on the project: acquitting the budget, sourcing and contacting interviewees, organising transcription, managing travel arrangements, and liaising with the university administration. She assembled an exhaustive bibliography relating to the research. She also independently conducted a number of very valuable and wide-ranging interviews, having participated also in several interviews with me. In all of these roles Annalise was an exemplary and diligent colleague and a stimulating and engaged researcher. Although this project was in relatively unfamiliar methodological territory for her, Annalise came to terms adroitly and rapidly with the project design and actively and independently sought out accounts of the principles underlying it in the literature. In all of these aspects of this project, as in the other endeavours in which I have worked with her, Annalise has been scrupulous, articulate and nuanced. Her conceptual sophistication is complemented by her ability to relay complex ideas and positions in accessible ways. She has a robust grasp of key issues and approaches in sociology, but also in cultural studies and in media and communications.

I have no hesitation in recommending Annalise for research or teaching positions; in both areas she is experienced and adroit”.

Andrew Whelan
Senior Lecturer, Sociology

University of Wollongong

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“I have found your guest lecturing extremely effective in terms of engaging the class while illustrating key concepts. You are also an excellent tutor and have been a valued member of the Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (BCMS) team in terms of curriculum development as well as initiatives like the ‘Transnational Teaching Teams’ project”.

Sukmani Khorana

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

University of Wollongong